Aakash 3 Tablet May Come With SIM Slot


The low cost tablet maker company Datawind is planning to launch the third version of Aakash Tablet. Akash3 is likely to equip with a SIM slot and more exciting apps, without increasing its price within the existing price band.

According to the reports,, About 50 lakh ‘Aakash 3′ tablets are expected to be rolled out in the next phase, the global tender for which may be floated in February next year.



According to committee members engaged in developing the third version of Aakash, the endeavour will be to make the product as indigenous as possible and involve multiple vendors.

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  1. Next Silicon Valley ?

    Which will be the next Silicon Valley ?

    Will it be Tanjore in Tamilnadu , or Unnao in Uttar Pradesh ?
    Difficult to predict , considering that ,
     Jayalalitha is distributing 10 lakh Lenovo laptops to graduates in Tamilnadu , each year
     Akhilesh Yadav will soon start distributing 15 lakh HP laptops to 12th Standard-pass in Uttar Pradesh , each year

     Akhilesh will also distribute 15 lakh tablets to 10th standard-pass students, each year

    Of course , notwithstanding some competition from the States of Punjab , Rajasthan , Assam etc

    That pits a Chinese Lenovo versus an American HP

    Neither Jayalalitha , nor Akhilesh are bothered that there is none Made-in-India product competing !
    Kapil Sibal should certainly not bother where from those 50 lakh Aakash3 tablets are going to come

    All that matters is :

     these computers will impart 21st century skills to millions of Indian Youths,

     these will be loaded with lots of India-Made educational soft wares

     we must create several Silicon Valleys all over the country to generate 100 lakh jobs every year

    With regards

    hemen parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth