Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep

Agatti Island_1_Agatti Island Beach

Agati Islands is one of the famous tourist spot in India, located at the south west of India and in the waters of the Arabian Sea, the island of Agatti forms a part of the Lakshadweep archipelago. The length of the island is about 6 km and the width is 1000 m approximately with a sparse population of around 7000.

Agatti is a best suit for many water sports activities. Agatti island offers plethora of adventurous water sports like Snorkeling, fishing and Kayaking. Apart from adventurous sports, the island of Agatti provides the tourists with a unique opportunity to dive deep into the water with the help of special boats made up of glass and experience the exotic aquatic life of the region.

Agatti Island_1_Agatti Island Beach

Best time to visit Lakshadweep

The best season for visiting Lakshadweep is from September to May.

  • Winters (December to February) have a temperature range of 20°C to 32°C and sometimes above. Winters offer cool atmosphere and is ideal time for tourist visits.
  • Summers (March to May) are mild hot and the temperature ranges within 22°C to 36°C. These months are favorable for enjoying water activities. In fact, the period is suitable for all types of tourist activities.
  • Monsoons (June to August) offer very heavy to intermittent rainfalls. Strong blow of winds from the Sea is a common feature in Lakshadweep. However, the weather is pleasant and holidays are still enjoyable. It is also a good time for catching greeneries of Lakshadweep.

How to reach Agatti Islands

Aggati Islands by Air:
The Agatti Island is well connected with the mainland. Indian Airlines operates its flight to Agatti Island. Lakshadweep islands are 400 kms far in the west coast of Kerala. From India, you can either board regular flights or ships that run between Agatti Island and Cochin in Kerala.

Agatti Islands by Sea:
Ship cruises operate from Cochin to Agatti and back. SPORTS is the official agency that conducts cruises.