Angry Fans, Throwing Tennis Ball And Toilet Rolls To Match On Working Day


Frankfurt: In the German football league Bundesliga, the match was recently fought between Entratech Frankfurt and RB Leipzig. The fans of the host Frankfurt were protesting for the match on Monday for several days. But the Organizers did not listen to them. After that, when the match began on Monday, hundreds of fans protested against throwing thousands of tennis balls and toilet rolls.

Fans said that the football clubs make matches on any day to earn some euro more. They just need the benefit.

People said how to get fans to watch matches on Working Day. However the club said that their match is on Thursday. In such a situation, on Saturday or Sunday, we can not make matches. Players also need rest.

The club had anticipated anticipation in advance. That’s why the security forces were asked to be gentle with the audience. Ball and toilet paper were removed from the leaf blower.

Due to opposition, the match started half-hour in half and 15 minutes late in the second half. Match Frankfurt won 2-1.


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