Different views of the Gaba Cricket Ground in Australia!


Amazing view of the stadium: Cricket fans enjoyed the Australia-England match in the swimming pool in Gaba.
Since the emergence of cricket in 1844, the game of cricket has developed very well. With the advent of technological progress, we also witnessed the beginning of the decision review system (DRS) and there is a huge change in the equipment used in cricket. The cricket balls have also become very big and more effective, and by sending a bad shot, sending the ball to the viewership is no longer a big deal.

Brisbane’s Gaba Stadium is the only cricket ground, whose good facilities are able to embarrassing any five star hotel. On January 19, when players from Australia and England were busy pretending to sweat on the field during the second one-day match, some cricket fans were enjoying the match in cold water in Gaba’s popular pool deck.

While the temperature was rising on the pitch, some fans wearing bikinis and swimming trunks were enjoying cricket at the best of the stadium. In order to attract more fans of cricket matches, Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice started the Gabba’s state-of-the-art pool deck between Australia and Pakistan as the Ambassador during the Day-Night Test last year.

The pool is able to accommodate more than 140 visitors and more than ten times this number has enjoyed live cricket from here last season. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the pool deck is on the edge of the cricket pitch, and enjoying live drinks and enjoying drinks and food items and jumping in water, the viewers can enjoy live matches from here.


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