Father And Daughter Duo Are Changing With The Kick Of Football, Poor And Illiterate Life


Pankaj Mahajan was born in poverty. But the biggest problem of her life was her drunken father. Who used to beat drunk with his big cruelty every night. It was unbearable for Pankaj. His will power was now answered.

On the other hand, Virendra was roaming without any target. He was badly caught in gambling addiction. But a new twist came in the story and the life of both of them changed completely.

This change came in the life of football by kick kick. They gave this new life to the duo of father-son Vijay and Abhijit Barsee. This pair of father-son has not been able to get out of poverty and illiteracy because of the poor game through the beautiful game Salam Soccer. Vijay and Abhijit are helping them from the recognized non-profit organization of FIFA.

This organization has won the first FIFA Diabetes Award in September 2016. He started Salam Soccer four years ago. When Pankaj kicks football for the first time, it is as if his world changed. Pankaj was trained in the center under the Youth Leadership Program. He has been selected in the India Hollahas World Cup team.

At the same time, Virender has been part of the team playing in the Holland World Cup in Norway in 2017. Virendra is now associated with this institution as a low-coach player. Abhijit said that I worked as a researcher and then started a job in America. When I started, I had no idea how to use the game to deal with issues. Which were not directly within the scope of the game. But in the end, our hard work brought color and now everything is running smoothly.


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