Manpreet Singh Had Taken Hockey Stick, Seeing Pargat Singh


Manpreet Singh, who is heading the Indian Men’s Hockey Team in Commonwealth Games, is in the news spot these days. Under the leadership of this flamboyant veteran who played in the hawk hockey field in field hockey, India last year became the Asia Cup champion and won a bronze medal in the Hockey World League Final. Manpreet, 5 feet 5 inches high, achieved great achievement in his early life.

The iron seniors of this highly successful junior hockey player also believed and succeeded in making the place in the senior team soon. In his captaincy, the national team won the gold medal in the junior World Cup hockey. Manpreet, who represents the Punjab team in the national hockey, offers his services to BPCL. This number 7 jersey winner has scored 10 goals for the country in 131 international matches.

Born on June 26, 1992, in Jalandhar (Punjab), Manpreet was very fond of starting hockey. Due to being a poor farmer’s son, he spent his childhood struggles. But, he always kept his hockey’s hobby intact. Father also wanted to move forward in Manpreet Hockey. Because of which he did not let any shortage in son’s practice.

The same village are Pargat and Manpreet –

Star players Pargat Singh and Manpreet, who have led the Indian team, are from the same village. That’s why Manpreet was impressed with them and later became his ideal player. Pargate exercises, they arrive every day to see them in the field. Manpreet later decided to take a stick. Then they were only 10 years old.


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