Ready to mess up again, Ace Shutler PV Says Sindhu


On the back of her gruelling women’s singles final at the recently concluded 21st Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Gold Coast, ace shuttler PV Sindhu says no defeat can stop her from believing in herself, and she is once again ready to roar.

Sindhu, who led the Indian contingent at the glittering opening ceremony that launched the CWG in Australia, was defeated by fierce rival and teammate Saina Nehwal in the much-anticipated women`s singles summit clash. Nehwal won the gold medal while Sindhu settled for silver.

Now that Sindhu is back in the country, she has penned an open letter on her never-say-die attitude.

“One more down but many more to go! As much as I had given my all to this game, I am once again ready to roar for my next fight, to finish and win. This is my journey, the journey of a sportsperson, every feat accomplished is followed by zeroing on the next target.

“No loss is ever enough, neither one nor many, to stop me from believing in myself. Every time I miss a return, every time my shot fails to clear the net and every time I hit it long – I remind myself, it is not done until I am done,” Sindhu wrote.

Sindhu, who had earlier made India proud at the Rio Olympics, where she thrashed Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in the women’s singles badminton semi-final, becoming the first Indian woman Sindhu to win a silver medal at the quadrennial event, said it was a proud feeling to stand on the CWG podium and receive a medal for the country.

“Standing at the podium, head bowed to receive my silver Commonwealth medal at the women’s singles event, the heart swells with pride; moments of struggle, strife and sweat flash before my eyes. Sindhu say for me, victory only begins to sink when the first beat of National Anthem falls on my ears and then it gets louder, so do the cheers from the crowd, that is when I finally breathe out – mission accomplished.

“Marching down the tracks as the flagbearer of the Indian contingent at the Commonwealth Games this year, I felt rest upon my shoulders the hope and faith of a million. With every step that I took, I knew it was time to bring together my skill, stamina and most of all my spirit, the spirit to rise higher after every fall, come back harder after every drop.

“From the moment of get, set and go until my last smash, I sweat from every pore, using every iota of strength left in me because giving up is not an option,” she wrote.

Sindhu believes one should “let nothing stand in the way of your dreams, let nothing pull you down, let nothing beat you”.


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