Sindhu’s Silver Proved To Be More Valuable Than Marine’s Gold


The Olympic Games were organized in the month of August 2016. In the women’s badminton event of Rio Olympics, India’s PV Sindhu had to face defeat at Spanish Marin Marin.

After this, Sindhu had to be satisfied with the silver medal and Gold came under the part of the Carolina Marine of Spain. After conquering Silver, the country put Sindhu on the head and eyes and the rains in his lap were severely rained.

However, Marin, who won the Olympic Final from Sindhu, said that despite winning the prize he won gold, he did not get the award of Silver on Sindhu, but he did not get it. Marine said that there is no such thing in his country, as in India.

Where Sindhu gets a cash prize of more than 15 crores, winning land, Grade One government job and a new fledgling BMW car from several governments on winning Silver Medal. The key to this car was given to him by Sachin Tendulkar himself.

At the same time, the Spanish sensation Carolina Marin received about 9000 euros (about 67 lakh rupees). However, in the Pro Badminton League, Marine sold the highest amount of Rs 61.5 lakh, while the bid for Sindhu was only Rs 39 lakh.


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